Presentation Software Tips


Slide Timing

PowerPoint allows you to turn off slide timings. Click Set Up Slide Show on the Slide Show tab and check whether the button marked Manually is selected under Advance Slides. For timings to work, select the button marked Using Timings, If Present.



The number one problem with many PowerPoint presentations is the size of the font used and amount of information contained on each slide. Each slide should be limited to six lines and six words per line. The minimum font size is 28 and 32 is even better. Also use a sans serif font (like Arial) since it is easier to read off a monitor or screen.

Omit Black Screen from End of Presentation

Start PowerPoint 2010, click the blue File tab, and then select Options on the left menu (near the bottom of the list). Select the Advanced option in the PowerPoint Options menu, scroll down to the Slide Show area and uncheck the End With Black Slide checkbox. Click OK to save your changes.

Adding Narration

There are two options for adding narration.

Option 1


Option 2