Heart Monitor Selection

First, choose the category of heart monitors you wish to purchase. Then, choose the specific heart monitor.


Strapless - These heart monitors do not require a transmitter. We have tested these and they are acccurate!

Bowflex Classic - heart rate memory and recall, lowest heart rate reading, highest heart rate reading, and countdown timer.

Bowflex Fit Trainer Plus - includes embedded pedometer for calculation of steps plus stopwatch and exercise time.


Digital Transmitters - These heart monitors come with a digital transmitter - which prevents cross-talk between heart monitors. This is important if most of your students will have heart monitors.

Fusion 10 - Continuously scans showing maximum, average, and minimum heart rate.

Fusion 30 - Memory scan of data for previous workout including maximum, average, and minimum heart rate. Also includes single and repeat countdown timer (good for interval training) and 10 hour stopwatch.


Downloadable Heart Monitors - This heart monitor downloads to a Windows-based computer.


Information booklet


Analog Transmitters - These heart monitors come with an analog transmitter so there is the potential for cross-talk. However, if only a few of your students have heart monitors this should not be a problem.

First - Shows continuous heart rate.

Go - Includes exercise session timer in hours, minutes, and seconds, plus the user's maximum, minimum and average heart rate for the exercise session.